A B O U T  A N K H A  M A R Z A

Ankha Marza has worked with First Ladies, Presidential candidates, Members of Parliament and Cabinet, Governors, Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, CEOs and their corporate teams in the US and around the world. Her work spans over 18 countries and 6 continents.

Ankha has lead and co-lead workshops with partner Richard Greene on Communication and “The Art & Science of Charisma: The 7 Secrets of Public Speaking” worldwide."

She has also worked with YPO/WPO, SAP, Lockheed Martin, the Leading Hotels of The World, Lindblad/National Geographic Expeditions, The Chicago Cubs, Bridgewater Associates (the world’s largest hedge fund), First Philippine Holdings, Ares Commercial Real Estate, Invercorp International, Illumination Management, State Street Global Advisors, Elliott Management, international associations, non-governmental organizations, youth groups and women leaders.

Her work with YPO/WPO (Young Presidents’ Organization/World Presidents’ Organization), the world’s premier network of over 22,000 chief executives and business leaders across 125 countries, with a combined revenue of US$6 trillion, has included leading and co-leading Members, Spouses and Youth workshops, one-on-one coaching, co-leading the YPO/WPO 2.5 day “Public Speaking Mastery Course” for Members only and the Spouses courses in 2013 and 2014 as well as “The 10 Week YPO/WPO Global Public Speaking Course”, the first ever virtual education course conducted by YPO, with 117 Members and Spouses participating from 16 countries.

The courses she lead for the Guatemala YPO Chapter on "Empowering Spouses, YPOers and Youth Through Public Speaking" won the Best Spouse/Partner Personal Development Event in Latin America 2014, across the 60 YPO regional chapters.

Some of the worldwide destinations she’s worked in include: US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Russia, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, The Arctic, The Philippines and Iceland.

Ankha was awarded full scholarships by several prestigious graduate schools in the US, including Ivy League universities and received a Masters in Communication Management from one of the top communication schools in the world, The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.

Her life’s passion is to catalyze people into becoming their most powerful selves and communicators!

She empowers her clients to engage and captivate, connect and influence, lead and inspire, whether in groups of thousands, a few, or one-on-one, in boardroom meetings, presentations, on and off camera interviews, conference and keynote addresses.

Ankha is also a uniquely gifted Life Coach and Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, who has been, for over a decade, deeply immersed in the study and practice of cutting edge Mind Body technologies from Neuroscience to Neuro Linguistic Programming, Energy Medicine, Psychology and Longevity Nutrition. She successfully guides people into a life of higher health and happiness, passion and purpose.

In what almost feels like another life, her background also includes advertising sales planning and account management with Fortune 500 companies, in TV and digital media, with national and international clients. She has managed integration processes of high profile partnerships among major sports franchises (NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, NHL) and the world’s leading platforms, developers and publishers of digital entertainment (Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment).



The workshop events you did with us “Empowering Spouses, Youth and YPOers Through Public Speaking” won the Best Spouse/Partner Personal Development Event among 60 other YPO chapters in the Latin America Region 2014.

It was such an honor to receive this award and working with you has been a fantastic experience for all of us! Thank you and Congratulations! We look forward to having you back!

Maureen Riojas, MBA, Principal, MPR Strategies. YPO Spouse Coordinator, Guatemala

Of all the people I’ve worked with, Ankha is a European, female, version of me. I’ve never been in coaching sessions with anyone who has such an almost identical take as I do on every client we work with.

Her diagnosis and coaching are, in almost every situation precisely what I would share with my clients.

She has an extraordinarily quick and strategic mind, balanced with an amazing sensitivity and intuition – a very rare combination.

Richard Greene, Author of the prestigious “Words That Shook The World”

Becoming a compelling communicator requires the speaker to tap into their personal message, to craft it into a speech that is emotionally compelling and intellectually pure. Not an easy task. Equally difficult is to support someone in that process.

A speaking coach is ideally a combination of trusted confidant, cheerleader, copy editor, speech writer and performance coach. For all that to land on one person is rare, so is Ankha. Working with Ankha has been a rewarding partnership that has far exceeded my expectations. Ankha has worked tirelessly to help me get the real me across both in content and in delivery. If you are committed to your message, your audience and your own development I recommend that you get a speaking coach.

If you want it to be fun and effective I recommend that you call Ankha.

Toby LaVigne, Founder & CEO The Remarkable Project
Finalist First YPO Public Speaking Competition 2013, held in Istanbul, Turkey

I had an opportunity to work with Ankha developing my TEDx Talk, The Most Dangerous Four-Letter Word.

She is AMAZING – incredibly helpful with content and organization, as well as delivery – energy, emphasis – really making the talk come alive!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who does public speaking of any type!

Dick Simon, Chairman & Co-Founder, YPO-WPO Peace Action Network

Ankha did an amazing job leading three different and life changing workshops in Guatemala!! She worked with YPO spouses sharing with us how to be more connected, empowered, authentic as well as important skills on conflict resolution which will have an enormous impact on all of our relationships. No wonder she got the highest score in take home value and unanimous YES on having her back.

Ankha also connected with our YPO youth group, teaching them to be more effective in their presentations and how to be more charismatic. She gave these kids the most valuable gift available to them: self confidence and the inspiration to live authentic lives.

Among Ankha’s many qualities is compassion and kindness. In her final workshop, Ankha shared her skills with the children living around the Guatemalan garbage dump, transforming their lives by teaching them self confidence and empowerment.

Ankha’s visit and workshops were transformative and powerful to so many people and in so many ways. THANK YOU Ankha!!!

Maureen Riojas, MBA, Principal, MPR Strategies. YPO Spouse Coordinator, Guatemala

Ankha is truly one of a kind – a gifted and caring coach, with such inspiring passion and commitment.

She gently guides you, to help uncover solutions to challenges while opening up the core of your unique voice, presentation and its take away message. The learning from this is so much deeper than just a “great presentation” … the real reward is the motivation and confidence you receive. Working with Ankha is an amazing, life changing experience.

I would recommend working with Ankha to anyone yearning to grow.

Andrew Boyd, SVP International Marketing, Mister Smith Entertainment

Ankha Marza is more than a speaking coach, she effectively teaches about communication and how to reach your audience, rather it be one person or one hundred.

She is also particularly effective coaching in one-on-one situations. Her quick diagnosis will leave her clients with concrete steps for improvement in just minutes.

In addition, she is superb in working with children and young adults!

Paul C., CEO, YPO Utah, Education Chair

The one day event with our YPO members, spouses and youth was fantastic. Ankha was incredible and hit it out of the park!

Reed Laws, CEO, YPO Utah, Event Chair

Thank you very kindly once again for all the insight you shared in the last two days. Your panel presentation was very engaging and resourceful and today’s 15 min one-on-one session was very, very compelling. Only-in-YPO!

Your ability to analyze and suggest areas for improvement within just a few minutes and the way you explain what could be tools to become a more powerful presenter/speaker was impressive.

Thank you very much again, you made a difference for me!

Torsten Schierholz, Senior Vice President Americas, YPO Toronto

Ankha has helped me make meaningful, life long, impactful change. She is much more than an executive coach or public speaking expert. She is a trusted friend and motivator. Ankha has an intuition and keen sense of awareness more than any other coach I have worked with. She has an ability to get to the heart of an issue, and uncover issues at play that I could never uncover on my own. She also can uncover my deep desires and goals for my life, often before I know them myself. She delicately guides me in my thinking to come to the best decision given a set of circumstance, the best decision for me that feels good to me. She is a trusted confidant who cares deeply about the well-being of her clients. Ankha is key component to my success both personally and business.

Nicholas G. Sansone, Esq., Principal, Sansone Group, YPO St Louis

Ankha is a gifted presenter who has mastered the 7 Secrets of Public Speaking and has the rare ability to appeal to all levels. The YPO/WPO members and spouses described her as insightful, engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, guiding, inspirational and passionate.

A true leader in public speaking and a gifted communications strategist, she helped people overcome their fear of public speaking and take their communication skills and confidence to the next level. For any organization looking for a communications or public speaking coach/resource, Ankha comes with my highest recommendation.

Gordon Forsythe, President and CEO. Education Chair & Past WPO Canadian Regional Membership Chair


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