"Richard and I both believe that what is said in public can define a human being... and the world"

- Tony Robbins, foreward, Words that Shook the World

Words that Shook the World celebrates over 40 of the most extraordinary speeches of the last 100 years. Illustrated with dramatic black-and-white photographs, the book sets each of the speeches and speakers within a historical context that includes timelines and contemporary press commentary.


In addition, readers are brought inside every paragraph of 20 of these magical speeches to discover what has made these words so powerful. And, best of all, two audio CDs reveal the passion of many of these extraordinary individuals as they faced their audiences, opened their hearts, and spoke Words that Shook the World.


The book was published and distributed by Penguin Publishing's Prentice Hall Press in 2001.

"It's not what you say but how you say it"

- Richard Greene

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