A B O U T  C H I A R A  G R E E N E


Personally trained by "The Master of Charisma," Chiara has been coaching and helping people of all ages conquerer their fears of public speaking and excel in the art of public speaking.  

For the majority of her life, Chiara was terrified of public speaking, much to the dismay of her father and mentor Richard Greene. Through personal development and perseverance she conquered her fears and began coaching others to do the same. 

Chiara received her BA from The New School for Public Engagement in New York City for film and media studies. Her expertise in the film industry has cultivated a keen eye for details and visual presentation. Chiara also helps clients in crafting and conveying their message, by consulting and writing speeches and preparing for on-camera interviews. 

 Chiara works with her clients in all aspects of presentation: 

Speech writing and editing 
Powerpoint presentations 
Body language and speech delivery 
Message strategy 
Confidence building 
Interview skills

Chiara specializes in empowering students and young adults to feel comfortable and confident in expressing and conveying their message in an impactful way whether on or off camera.


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