Learn the 7 secrets to Words That Shook The World.


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"The best I've ever seen at this stuff; he can produce dramatic improvements in a short time. I've worked with a lot of executive presence/presentation skills coaches and he is miles above any other!"
Global High Potential Development Talent Experience, SAP

"Richard Greene is a leading communications and public speaking Guru, and his book, "Words that Shook the World", was actually already in my library at home, before I met him last year in Pittsburgh. His resume is very impressive."
Current President of The Republic of Indonesia

"Richard is the Phil Jackson of speech coaches. He fights for every word to be perfect, picks up every delivery nuance, and is relentless in his quest to bring the best out of everyone he works with. On top of that, he approaches his craft with exuberance and wit and makes it fun for everyone involved."
Former Chairman and CEO, ESPN, Former CEO, ABC, Inc.

"A wonderful, insightful guest. No one knows good talk better than Richard... My only regret is that I didn't make his list."
Executive Producer, "The CBS Early Show," and Former Executive Producer, "The TODAY Show"

"Richard Greene has the rare and wonderful talent for dissecting speeches. He pinpoints the often-overlooked secrets to success -- the sites and circumstances; the phrasing, pacing, and cadences; the tricks great speakers use to forge emotional bonds with their audiences. When you explore a speech with Richard, it's like stumbling into a new world, filled with surprises, unexpected insights -- and fun."
Press Secretary, President George W. Bush, former Host, "Fox Sunday" and Fox News Channel and former speech writer for President George H. W. Bush

"Whenever there is a speech that we need to cover we love to call on Richard Greene. He is great on TV, is able to point out fascinating things that no one else picks up on and, perhaps most importantly, makes speeches fun for our very diverse television audience. His segments are often the most compelling parts of our newscasts."
Former Assistant News Director, KCAL Television, Los Angeles

Here is a partial list of Richard’s clientele:

Political Clients

The Hon. Stipe Mesic, President of Yugoslavia - Media Training during Croatian-Serbian Conflict
The Hon. Janez Drnovsek, Prime Minister of Slovenia - Public Speaking Training
The Hon. Dino Djalal, Indonesian Ambassador to The United States
Hon. Evan Bayh, US Senate
Governor Jerry Brown -1992 Campaign for President
Ms. Arianna Huffington -Training as Television Commentator
Mr. Bill Kennard, Former Chairman, The Federal Communications Commission
Rep. Loretta Sanchez -Historic Campaign that Unseated Bob Dornan
Hon. Adam Schiff, Member of Congress
Lord Anthony St. John, Member of The British House of Lords - Presentation Training
Diana, Princess of Wales - Advice on Public Presentations
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles
Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vila - Successful Campaign for Governor, PUERTO RICO

Current Members of the United States Senate, Business and Other Leaders

Ms. Carole Black, CEO, Lifetime Television
Mr. David Blaine, World Class Magician
Mr. Steve Bollenbach, CEO, Hilton Hotels
Mr. Steve Bornstein, Former CEO, ABC, Inc.
Mr. Lloyd Braun, Former Chairman, ABC Entertainment
Ms. Naomi Campbell - Media Training
Mr. Jan Cook, CFO, Polygram
Mr. David Coulthard, Formula 1 Race Car Driver
Mr. Bob Dowling, Publisher, The Hollywood Reporter
Ms. Penny Finkelman-Cox, Producer, "Antz," "Prince of Egypt"
Mr. Richard Nanula, Former CFO, The Walt Disney Company
Mr. Peter Roth President, Warner Bros. Television
Mr. Scott Sassa, Former President, NBC West Coast
Mr. Tony Shalhoub
Mr. Will Smith and Ms. Jada Smith
Mr. Tom Staggs, CFO, The Walt Disney Company
Mr. Aron Warner, Producer, "Shrek"
Mr. David Westin, President, ABC News
Corporate Clients

Merrill Lynch
Goldman Sachs
Alliance, Bernstein
Bridgewater Associates
Jefferies and Company
Lockheed Martin
Cedars Sinai Hospital
The Walt Disney Company
Lifetime Television
Pearson Entertainment
Showtime Television
Harpo Productions
Warner Brothers
Columbia Pictures
KLMRoyal Dutch Airlines
El Al Airlines
Horizon Airlines
Cameron Corporation
Wyndham Hotels
Le Meridian Hotels
Starwood Hotels
The Chicago Cubs
McKinsey and Company, Asia

Organizational Clients

The United Nations
World Health Organization
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
The Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
Toastmasters International
The House of Lords
Los Angeles County Bar Association
California Medical Association
T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Training
Philadelphia School Reform Commission



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